Console1 not detected in preferences

It’s been a while since last I used Ardour in Windows, but I’m longer able to get Ardour on windows to recognise console1 as a midi-controller. It works fine in Linux but I just uninstalled Debian due to some infuriating kernel issues with my nvidia graphics card. So I’m back to using windows.

Has anyone else had issues with Console1 on Windows 10 or 11? My NativeInstruments standalones and Reaper detect console1 as a midi-controller, but Ardour does not :confused:

In Audio/MIDI Setup → Setup & Calibration I can see the console1, but It’s not in Ardour preferences → MIDI port Config. This is pretty perplexing.

On Windows and macOS use the official VST3 binary for Console 1 support.

Sadly the Ardour provided surface for Console1 is known to cause crashes on those systems.

Nobody on the Ardour team has a Console 1, and the person who contributed the code only uses GNU/Linux. We should perhaps remove the Ardour ctrl surface with Windows and macOS builds.

Thats a shame. Thank you for the reply, Robin! Perhaps I’ll have to go back to Debian then. It will be easier for me to fix my Kernel issues then to fix the Windows implementation of Console1 in Ardour :wink:

I’ve had a look at the code and concluded that I need a lot more experience programming before I’ll try my hand at something that complex