Consint - Polyaggregate

I recently released my first raw techno EP on Trau-ma. All tracks were produced and mixed using Ardour on Ubuntu Budgie with the Ubuntu Studio Installer and KXStudio repositories.

I mainly used my hardware gear (Arturia Minibrut 2S, Novation Bass Station 2 and Peak, Roland TR8S and Behringer Neutron and Crave). Hardware effects I used are Alesis Quadraverb, Elektron Analog Heat and Strymon BigSky.

In Ardour I also used a lot of synthesizers and effects. Open source stuff I used was Helm and Vitalium, Calf and LSP, Ardour effects, EQ10Q, B.Oops and B.Schaffl, Luftikus, X42 plugins and TAP plugins.

Closed source stuff I used is for example U-He (Hive 2, Presswerk, Uhbik, Colour Copy), Audio Damage (Other Desert Cities, Discord4, Kombinat Tri, Dubstation 2, Eos 2), Tal (Dac, Sampler, Filter 1 & 2), Auburn Sound (all plugins), Inertia Sound Systems (all plugins).

With the help of Yabridge and wine I also used OTT, ValhallaSuper Massive, DSEQ3, RC20 and Gullfoss among others.

Probably this is not the most common music produced with Ardour and shared here. But maybe some of you will like it after all.

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