Connections Somehow Lost

Somehow Ardour has lost all connections and routing for one of my sessions. Though I’ve been using Ardour for years, I’ve never really had to learn the connections aspect to the program, and I’m confused by what to do to fix it.

It appears other sessions are fine, but this session has the feedback loop light on (which I’d never noticed before).

Audio appears to be playing, as the meters are quite happy to sparkle their encouraging peaks. But there is no sound. :-/

I’ve opened the tracks and busses window and reconnected a bunch of L and R to the master, but the feedback light continues to flash.

Also, all the enable buttons on each effect are missing, and I can’t seem to access the effects configuration panels at all.

What have I done?

Thanks so much

I’ve been able to solve the first problem-- playblack_1 and playback_2 were disconnected for all channels for some reason, and instead were connected through Ardour Busses. I have no idea how that happened.

Still haven’t found out why the effects are disabled and I can’t re-enable them.


OK, so I feel silly for these posts so close together. HONESTLY, it was two hours of troubleshooting before the first post.

Effects are back. While “rescanning for plugins,” Ardour crashed. Then when I restarted, and recovered from crash, all effects were back.

Thanks everyone.

Err, most people do NOT want every track connected to playback_1 and playback_2, that means that you will get no summing internal to Ardour, and no single summed mix for export. Most people would at least want a single ‘Master’ track that is connected to playback_1 and playback_2, and all tracks connected to that, this is the default for Ardour (If a monitor bus is used, that master track is instead routed through the monitor section, and the monitor is connected to playback_1 and playback_2).

Of course maybe I misunderstood your second post?