connection of two soundcards at the same time

Hi, could anybody tell me something about this> Is it possible to connect 2 soundcards (2 hoontech dsp 24 and 2 breakboxes, so there are 2times 8 channels line input=16tracks to record in one)Until now I only work with one of these cards, everything’s o.k., but 16channels are better for me than the now existing 8channels…In jackcontrol I can only choose one card…
Thanxs for ideas!


these cards have the ice1712 cip, according to

Read this page
to get a very good (bit longish) explanation to archive your goal.

But: Your cards need to have SPDIF or Word Clock in/outs for Word Clock syncronisation. If they lack these, then you should put your plans aside.


If the cards have some sort of word clock interface, you can combine them into a “virtual device” where jack sees both cards together as one device.

If they don’t have word clock or some sort of sync signal, (most digital signals like AES or SPDIF have internal sync built in) then you’re out of luck. Of course, if you are familiar with using a soldering iron, you can remove the clock crystal from one of the cards, and solder wire leads from the other card to where the crystal in the first was located so that they run off the same clock crystal.