Connecting Audio from Presonus AudiBox 44VSL

Hi all. This is a weird one. New new user of Ardour and pretty new to DAWs . I had a great day on Ardour 4 yesterday on Linux MInt. Plugged in my Presonus AudioBox 44VSL, plugged a mic into the interface and hit record. Today, I don’t know what I 've done. I can’t get any audio into the app. Couple of questions, should I be using JACK or ALSA as the audio ‘backend’. Does the Presonus kit favour one or the other?

When I boot up I see the device in the list. Within a session, if I right-click on a track and select inputs, I see the 4 capture tracks off the interface. So the app can see the USB device and knows it has 4 channels. The mic is working because I have headphones plugged into the interface. I think with all my faffing about trying to get it to work, I’ve messed something up. It’s at an app level, rather than a session level because if I create a brand new session, selecting either JACK or ALSA and add a track, I still get nothing. Stuck :frowning:
Any suggestions warmly appreciated.

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