connecting Ardour track to Hydrogen

Good day forum members,
I would like to request for your help.

I have been trying to sync Hydrogen and Ardour together.
I have followed most of the instruction posted on particularly fernesto’s instructions

And I would like to create an Ardour track that automatically records the drum track i wrote on Hydrogen. When I press play from Ardour, I can hear all tracks i have recorded on Ardour as well as Hydrogen beat, but the drum track on Ardour isn’t playing/recording.

Here is where i am stuck at:

-I have set both Ardour and Hydrogen 's clock to be JACK, thus when I press play from Ardour, both JACK and Ardour start.s

-I created a MIDI track named “audio_midi_hydrogen”…set its input to be MIDI control out.
-in JACK, i connected Ardour MIDI control out to hydrogen-midi RX.

I assume I am missing some step, or must have created a mistake somewhere?

Please let me know.

Thank you.

Perhaps I have missed the point of what you are trying to achieve, but would it not be easier to just export a midi file from hydrogen, and then import that midi file into a midi track in ardour? This is what I do for using Drumgizmo.

The only drawback I have found is that Hydrogens export to midi file does not (on my version at least) support changes in tempo, so I have to do that by splitting the ardour midi track into regions.


Do you want to record the MIDI data from Hydrogen into Ardour, or record the audio from Hydrogen into Ardour? Your description of what you tried to connect is very confusing. If you are trying to record MIDI data then the MIDI track input should be connected to a MIDI output from Hydrogen. If you are trying to record audio data then you should have an audio track, not a MIDI track.

OK one solution here: There are Libraries that you can load in Hydrogen that contains already configured mapping.
Note that in the DrumGizmo cases, Hydrogen alone will produce no sound, it has to be used with Ardour on a Midi track configured with the right Drumgizmo plugin.
I guess there must be other libraries somewhere with sound and midi mapping.

As for me, in Hydrogen, I had to open the Tools / Instrument rack
and in the Instrument / General,

  • set the channel to 1 (anything but “off”)
  • and a note, different for each instrument. (were all to C3 by default)
    Eventually reloading the Sound Library set the note, but I still have to change all the channel.
    I was then able to record the Midi in Ardour, but the notes set by reloading the Sound Library in Hydrogen did not match the Drum plugins in Ardour … I could have changed all the notes, but well

Yes, this is totally wrong. Your MIDI track’s outputs should be connected directly to Hydrogen’s MIDI input(s).