Connecting a Keyboard on OSX, MIDI

I’m here less than two weeks and I see tutorials and the manuals, so much power under the hood of this program, it does bode for some excitement of possibilities for me as I learn more.

I liked getting the virtual keyboard going and using the keyboard shortcuts as piano keys. I then borrowed a digital piano or keyboard, hooked it up through USB, and thought I would have had an easy go of things. I’ve spent a few days, and no luck having that USB connected keyboard show up hardly. It doesn’t show up in the Mac OS system preferences, as a listed “Audio Device,” nor in Ardour.

Then, tonight, I launching Apple’s “Garage Band,” to my surprise, it played sounds from the USB connected, MIDI keyboard which the Mac system otherwise doesn’t recognize or list in the Audio Devices. So on some level, the system does see the keyboard enough for Garage Band to use it. Now, what is my shortcoming for getting Ardour to use it?

See here, no MIDI is listed:

But then, it does show up here in the Mac OSx system “Audio MIDI Setup,” but it’s been useless in creating sound in most anyplace except Garage Band:

I’m running Mac OSx 10.12.6
and Ardour 7.2.0

In Ardour. Menu > WIndow > Audio/MIDI Setup, is “MIDI System: CoreMIDI” enabled?

In case you are using CoreMIDI, have you connected the keyboard?

It should be listed in the MIDI input connector dropdown, circled red in the following image:

Oh, man! A thousand kisses to you, Robin!

It must be frustrating to see guys like me come in grasping at so much to learn, and how slow we are to figure out what would be some basics. Yes, I had CoreMidi running, but I had not anywhere in the program (Mixer panel) identified that drop down menu to identify the MIDI input device. How nice to have that resolved, and to move forward. Thanks a ton.

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Next, you may (or may not) want to enable

Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Input follows track selection
(and set the keyboard in Prefs > MIDI > MIDI Port Config to “Follow Selection”).

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