Connect XR18 by ethernet

Hi, I don’t find the way to connect my Behringer XR18 by ethernet, to be sure that it’s not a problem of the mixer I’ve tried in win… and it was directly recognized I suppose that it’s a problem of ethernet configuration. I was trying for two day to find the way to do it but I’m not able. Could I have some help please :slight_smile: Thanks.

The XR18 uses Ethernet for control only. Audio goes via USB.

They officially support Linux. Check their forums for answers, or contact their customer support.

thanks for reply, I know that, the problem is with ethernet config, I don’t know how to do for XR18 to detect it, I need it for the moment to learn to use the XR18 cause when I’m connected by wifi I’m not able to access the internet. As I told in windows it’s directly detected…

I got it, I used a router and now I can connect my laptop by ethernet a use the wifi connection to access internet. I can also connect my Smartphone and other tablet by wifi to the router to manage my XR18.

I haven’t tried this, but if you don’t have a router you may be able to connect to it using a crossover cable.

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