Connect regions


I have made a small drum pattern which looks like:

Is there any straight forward method to connect the regions in between the patterns?

I’d like to have a block which starts and ends at the loop points.

Can you describe what you mean by “connect the regions in between the patterns”? I have trouble mapping those words to actions, maybe if you describe what you want to do with more words it will suggest a solution.

@ccaudle: When you look at the picture at e.g. the snare_1 track: I want it to start at the beginning and also want to have the end filled until the loop end marker. So it’s just adding silence at the beginning and at the end.

I found it: Marking the whole region with the range (key R) tool and write mouse key -> consolidate range.

Consolidate range is typically used to combine all regions in a range into a single region. I think what you want to do could just be done by moving the region boundaries with the mouse selection (left-click on the beginning of the region and move while holding).
The method you found is probably faster, just be aware of the intended purpose of that command, it could have surprising effects if you did not realize how the consolidate command works.

@cclaude: With left-click I can make the region only smaller, but I can’t extend it.