Connect midi and usb snd

Hello, I have a Kawai piano and I am trying to set up an ardour midi connection. It just does not seem to match the videos I am watching. Can someone help me?
I want to first get the midi set up as a single connection.
Then I want a sound card plus midi set up.

Running Mate 19.04 plus kx tools ppa whole thing.

I have no idea how this works. I have set up ardour with the sound card before… no jack.
I can set up jack and have ardour work with ardour with the usb sound card ($5 kind).
I cannot set up jack to have one midi work with ardour.

BTW… ardour takes about 1 minute to load with mate and kxtools… seems broken. 5.12 Is it because of all of the plugins?

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I used irc and got the answer
First skip all of the calibration stuff.
Need to create a new midi track and select midi
Then need to fix the input which is not set up by default.
picture below: