Connect Ardour3-jack-midi-out to linuxsampler-alsa-midi-in

Linuxsampler connects to midi using alsa- midi, therefore i can not connect it to Ardour. It seems with a2jmidid you can connect jack-midi to alsa-midi, but it also seems that since jackd 109.2 a2jmidid is included in jack. Either way, in jack109.2 (with -Xseq) i can’t see how to connect jack-midi to alsa-midi.

I hope someone will reply, telling me it’s simple to connect to alsa midi ports like linuxsampler’s midi-in with jack, that i just have to do …… ! Thanks!

Edit: at the moment only linuxsampler from cvs contains a jack-midi-driver. linuxsampler-0.5.1 does not.

Did you look in qjackctl’s JACK tab for the new MIDI ports? they do not show up in the “MIDI” tab, which qjackctl currently uses only for ALSA sequencer ports.

In case there are still people wondering how to connect alsa midi ports to jack midi ports:

  • When Patchage is connected to both Jack and Alsa, you can see your midi hardware through Alsa. These ports are colored green in Patchage. Through Jack you can see your system’s audio connectors in Blue.

  • You should also have red connectors like “midi_capture_1” and “midi_playback_1” together with the blue audio connectors in the same Jack boxes.

  • Now if that’s NOT the case, but you DO see your green Alsa midi connectors, Jack is probably running without, or with the wrong midi driver. So when you restart Jack with “Midi Driver: raw” in your QjackCtl setup, the red midi connectors should also appear in Patchage.

  • A red connector like “midi_capture_1” would now represent a green Alsa midi connector, like in my case “Xonar D2X MIDI”, etc. Voila,… you can now connect your midi hardware to applications like Ardour 3, who have Jack midi connectors, by using the red connectors!..

What I started doing a while ago is :

start jackd without any MIDI (no -X option - in qjackctl, it translates into the ‘none’ option)
start a2jmidid -e after jackd startup.

All is fine this way. All ALSA MIDI ports are reported in the ‘a2j’ client (MIDI connection window in qjackctl).
Apps using native jack MIDI show up as their own selves in the MIDI connection graph.