Connect ardour from ubuntu studio to a mac over ethernet

this is my first post, even if I´ve been using ardour quite often since a couple of years.
Thanks, congratulations, and lot of respect for the developers. I´ll be soon a subscriber!

Even if my main computer is a mac laptop, I just got a pc with ubuntustudio on it.

Because I´d like to use my Native Instruments software together with ardour, I was wondering if there is any possibility to run ardour on the pc and send the audio using ethernet with jack to the mac laptop, using it as an external dsp machine.

I am already doing it on my mac, but, being the pc quite powerful, it would be nice to divide the daw on one machine, and the effects on the other one.

I read some threads about it (involving the use of jacknet), but jacknet seems not available for mac, and I´d like to know first, if a scenario like the one described it is possible, or if there are better solutions.

I really love ardour, at the moment I still use protools because of the plugins I need to work with.
(And I´m really looking forward for midi support, of course!)

Best regards,

libero Mureddu

I assume that netjack would compile quite easily on a mac. It runs from the shell, so it doesn’t have big dependencies from GUI libs.

However, that doesn’t mean you would be able to use mac for much. I’m not sure if there is any means of using the plugins you speak of via jack.

Ok I´ll try to compile it.

thanks for your answer.