Connect a microphone

Did someone try to connect a microphone to Ardour ? I have a Bird UM1 and I can’t find the mic on the inputs …

Ardour only supports one audio interface at a time. You seem to be asking about a USB microphone, which would be a second audio interface inside the microphone. To use two interfaces you can use jackd. I’m not sure if Ardour has added support for that in the Ardour ALSA backend yet or not, I have only ever done that using jackd and zita-a2j bridges.

okay thank you i’m gonna try that !

Ok I have definitety a problem to connect my microphone :expressionless: I managed to connect it to Audacity but then Audacity doesn’t appear in jackd. Does someone knows an other recording software which can be used with jackd ?

Yes, I mentioned in the earlier reply: zita-a2j
You start jackd using your main audio interface (probably the playback interface in your case).
After jackd is running you start zita-a2j with your usb interface name as the device argument, that will create a new port in jackd, zita-a2j will bridge between the second interface and jackd, using sample rate conversion to transfer between the clock domain of your main interface (which is what jackd is synchronized to) and the clock domain of your second interface (in this case your USB microphone).
Hopefully zita-a2j is available in the package manager for your distribution (for example in Fedora is available in the zita-ajbridge package which has zita-a2j and zita-j2a together).
If you can get installed from your package manger use “man zita-a2j” to read the man page which instructs how to run.

Ardour works very well without Jack. If you don’t need it, don’t use it. When you start Ardour, just select usb as your input and output devices. many usb microphones have an earphone jack in it. Hopefully you can use this to monitor your voice. Otherwise, you will need to use a new microphone altogether or Jack

This is wrong. Ardour’s ALSA backend does not allow for different devices to be used for input and output (as the original poster wants to do). His microphone does not have an audio output.

JACK does not make it super-easy to do this right (particularly not JACK2 as found in most Linux distributions), but it can be done using clients such as zita-aj*

It works ! At the beginning I was having an issue because I would connect the microphone after launching Ardour.
Thanks for your support !

You do not have to connect the microphone before launching Ardour, whenever you start zita-a2j the new port will appear in the jack port list, Ardour will be notified of the new port and you can make the connection to whichever track you want.
Did you mean something other than getting zita-a2j working? “It works” is somewhat ambiguous.

By “It works” I mean that I can record my voice in Ardour. Eventually it doesn’t matter if I launch zita before or after launching Ardour.