Congratulations on nearly making budget.

As of 15th April there are 247 people on the books as regularly paying for Ardour, and presumably USING it regularly.
I get routinely flamed for mentioning that here is no such thing as free software that works, and for mentioning that software that doesn’t work is worthless. So congratulations on keeping the wolf from the door so that you can get on with the business of making it work.

Maybe you make another progress bar with the goal of the amount of money you like to get by subscribers.
I can imagine that you like an sort of minimum stable basis, for example $2500. The other $2000 -$2500 can then be gathered by donations, which give more uncertainty for you and for users who like to see this project grow.

It has to be noted that the budget for this month received a single, large input (US$1000) from a single donor. Progress is good, and things are looking up just a little, but I’m not out of the woods yet. Thanks for your support.