confused about tempo settings

I recorded a stereo drum track from hydrogen to ardour and everything sounds great, the only problem i have is that when i change the tempo of the song my drum track does not slow down or speed up, i tried checking the “glue to…” option and nothing changed, what am i doing wrong?, please help.

@miguel325: In Ardour3 there is a button that says Internal or when pressed says JACK. Make sure it says JACK so that it handles tempo between apps. This means JACK has become timebase master for all JACK clients or in other words controls BPM between JACK based apps. I believe Hydrogen has the same options as far becoming slave or master also. I’ve done this before so it does work but it’s been awhile.

Tempo wont effect your drum channels if you recorded them into audio channels.

Yes the question that isn’t completely clear is, where are you trying to change the tempo? If you are trying to change it within Ardour after recording Audio, then this will not work like you want, sorry. If you are trying to change it within Hydrogen follow dsreyes’ advice.