Conformity Analysis during Export

Hello, during the project export process, when analysing the audio exported, there is the nice “conformity analysis” information to the various “standards” (like CD. apple music, you tube etc.). Where can I find information about the difference within the full “green mark” and the “yellow mark” with the “!” on side? I looked into the Ardour Manual but there was no reference about it. In practice what are the steps to fully comply to a particular export standard when you have the yellow mark with the “!” ?

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It’s the same as The Ardour Manual - Loudness analysis and normalization

  • red: the signal is too loud
  • yellow: the signal is too quiet, but satisfies the max. loudness spec
  • green: signal loudness is within the spec.
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Thanks Robin, I didn’t notice the loudness analysis part of the manual.
Ok, now it’s clear…


Completely unrelated, but any complaints if I submit a pull request to change that to replace the ampersand with the word ‘and’? Ampersand in that font looks… well we will call it ‘interesting’ and is difficult to read as a result at least in my locale (And I suspect most english speaking locales but could be wrong).


EDIT: Referring to the manual page in case it isn’t obvious.

no complaints from me, while you’re at it, perhaps also include suggestions from:

Just did the ampersand for the moment, if I get time I may come back for those though.

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