Confluence - First Song with Ardour 3.0 MIDI


Here’s an original instrumental written while trying out the new MIDI functionality in Ardour 3.0. This song will be broken down track by track in a screencast about Ardour 3.0 when AV Linux 6.0.1 is released in the near future.

This song features Pianoteq, linuxDSP, Calf, and Guitarix Plugins as well as featuring the 2 Hydrogen drumkits included in AV Linux.

Song is here:

Comments, Critiques and Question welcomed!

Woohoo! I like your plans GMaq. I’m also hoping to make some fun screencasts featuring Ardour3 MIDI stuff after AV Linux 6.0.1 comes out as well…especially with that ScreenCapJack software. The track sounds really nice…very clean and crisp sound.

Really great. While listening i imagined that the drums could be a bit more “distant” and maybe also use a ride symbal - no drum machine can match a gifted real drummer. Nice piece of music.

Thanks very much for listening and commenting guys,

I’ll look forward to your screencasts!

Good suggestions, I actually do move to the ride cymbal in the complete last verse and the descending chords ‘chorus’ part but admittedly it could be louder and gets obscured by the increasing volume of the other instruments. The song began as kind of a sequencer/plugin demo song so I approached it differently and haven’t fussed over the drums like I would in a song with vocals. Once it was finished I was suprised that it was OK as a standalone instrumental as well, maybe this is a new writing method…:slight_smile: Ardour 3 is a muse!..oh wait, we already have MuSE on Linux…