Confluence - AD Remix


This is a song that started as an acoustic doodle on the couch and then I put together a song from it for an Ardour screencast demo. I’ve decided to include it on an album project I’m working on and have changed the original drums to a Hydrogen Kit I created from Addictive Drums using Synthclone. The idea is to make the song sound more cohesive like an actual band recording rather than a collection of sounds for demo purposes. I hope to do a screencast on using Synthclone soon because it is a very powerful and useful Linux tool to get sounds from one format to another. This song was completed in Ardour 3.3 on AV Linux 6.0.1.

320kbps MP3:

Comments and critiques welcomed! Thanks for reading and listening


As promised here is video tutorial I did about the small but mighty Synthclone. My sincere thanks to the talented and courteous developer Devin Anderson for a great and useful program!

I think i can say that is a result! Very convincing drums! i think im going to have to start using hygrogen instead of soundfonts with fluidsynth.

checking your video out.

Great work.