Configure microphonearray with Maya44 USB

Hey everybody,

I’m working on making a microphonearray, to localize a source by sound.
I want this to be a real-time application, so I’m using a ‘real-time linux kernel’.

The only problem I have is how to connect my microphones to the pc.
The idea i have now, is to buy the Maya44 USB and use this to connect the microphones to the pc.

Is it a smart idea to use the Maya44? Or is there different hardware that’s better for this purpose.
Remember that I dont need THAT good quality, but i mainly need low latency and decent sound.

Hope I explained myself a bit and someone can advise me about the Maya44 USB,

Here is an old thread about the maya44 USB:

I hope that helps somewhat, it seems that support is not full. You may be better off getting another device.
Have a look at this site to see what is compatible on linux: