configuration Mbox Digidesign

it’s the first time here for me!
I don’t know very well ardour, I would like to know if there is any possibility to configurate Digidesign’s Mbox audio device for Linux Ardour?

is it possible?


Since Ardour uses jack to manage it’s connections to other software or your sound cards ports, and since jack itself uses ALSA drivers to handle your sound card, as long as you have ALSA drivers available for your sound card, you’re saved.

I took a look at the ALSA driver list, I couldn’t find anything about the Mbox, but if I’m not wrong it’s a USB sound card, so you may get it to work with the generic snd-usb-audio alsa driver.

Did someone ever try this ?


I have an Mbox and couldn’t get it to work with ALSA’s usb driver.

Mbox doesn’t use the standard USB audio interface. (read: closed proprietary interface) So it is very unlikely that this unit will ever be supported.

The interface of the mbox is not a generic usb audio device. And the driver has to be developed.