Configuration and connections for Ardour using QJackCtl

After a couple changes no sound is coming in or out Ardour anymore, either through the USB interface nor through the laptop speakers.

The changes that I remember:

-moving Ubuntu between disks

-installing QjackCtr
-updating Ardour version from 4 to 5.8

Videos, MP3, Audacity work perfectly with both USB or speakers.

Can you help understand if it is either a matter of QjackCtr/Ardour configuration, or jack connections, or something else?

I am not yet fond of the elements listed in the QjackCtr and how to connect them.

Some system info:

-Ubuntu 16.04
-Memory 7.8 Gb
-Processor Intel Core i7 CPU Q 720 @ 1.60GHz × 8
-Ardour 5.8.0 (rev 5.8) Intel 32-bit
-USB Behringer U-control UCA200
-QjackCtl Version: 0.4.1

I posted a couple screeshots in this post

here are my current qjackctl connections

I wonder if you’re starting jack with the same device that you’re trying to listen through. In the options for starting jack did you set it to the behringer? Also maybe open alsamixer in a terminal and check to make sure the volume sliders are not muted for the device that you’re using.

Right! Changed in the settings the interface (from “(default)” to the CODEC USB audio) Now I can hear the metronome and record a guitar.