config for presonus firestudio mobile

Greetings – I’ve just downloaded Ardour 2.8.16 for Mac OS X (running 10.9.4) and would appreciate guidance in configuring it with a PreSonus FireStudio Mobile, which generally ships with its own Universal Control. Should I, for instance, use JACK, or is JACK unnecessary for sound configuration? I did map four input channels successfully to two mono and one stereo track, but I can’t figure out how to successfully pan my recorded mono channels to R/L: of course the track pan control is easy, but it doesn’t yet affect the output mix I hear in my headphones. I’m sure this is because I’m still figuring out audio configuration! Sure appreciate your help.


Jim P.

You can only use JACK. Ardour 2.x and 3.x only do audio I/O via JACK.


If the pan controls are not affecting what you have mixed, I think it is likely an issue with your routing of outputs. Not something you generally should have to do, but can you open a terminal (Applications>Utilities> and type the following command:

jack_lsp -c

Then paste the results here surrounded by the CODE tags or the PRE tags? Thanks.