Compose with Sonivox Virtual Instruments

I have a personal project coming up to compose some music for a video game I’m working on. I’m pretty impressed with Sonivox samples and I’m willing to overspend a little to get them, but I don’t want to put out a lot for anything else. Maybe a decent keyboard controller, but I’ll probably skimp there too.

So I’m curious if anyone has had success with Sonivox and Ardour? I have access to a 18 month old iMac so I could run Ardour and/or a sequencer there if needed.


@darrint: no released version of Ardour does MIDI sequencing, so you wouldn’t be using them with Ardour directly in the first place. Ardour3 will do this, though you would still need some kind of sample-playing plugin to actual use the plugins.

Ardour could potentially play a role in this, but given that most of the applications you might consider for the sequencing part will also record and edit audio, its likely that using it for this purpose may be more hassle than its worth.