Completely switching to Ardour on Linux from FL Studio and Windows

Hi! I would like to use Ardour as my main DAW. I use Arch. I use the piano roll a lot, and also got a couple of vsts, that I’m looking for possibly free alternatives.
Roland Srx plugins
Valhalla plugins
FabFilter plugins

Are there any alternatives to these? I have no idea where to get those.
How good is the piano roll? I know it is not on par with Fl.
Currently trying to use Ardour, it seems very capable software. I mainly create trap, boom bap, with a couple of instruments. Also I haven’t find any way to play a drum sample as midi (like sampler). Thanks for helping!

There’s a few options around. LSP Sampler is one, which will load WAV samples:

There are others, like samplv1.

If you have something in soundfont sf2 format, you could use ACE Fluid Synth. There’s also a number of other soundfont players around like Sfizz and Fluida



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Here you can find a big chunk of what’s available in general (I filtered for linux native options).

For instruments, you could search for Decent Sampler and SFZ things.
You can try to use some Windows plugins in Linux thanks to yabridge project:

Piano roll is good - it’s good to read about it in an Ardour manual to understand workflow