Completely new user trying to get Novation Launchkey and soundfont to work in Ardour 5.

I have Ardour 5 installed and am trying to start using Ardour by using a Novation Launchkey 49 and an .sf2 soundfont. I understand that Ardour has a built-in soundfont player plug-in somewhere, but I have been unable to find it. Regarding the MIDI hardware documentation, for example the video linked to the Ardour site (MIDI Controllers & Ardour), the process has apparently changed completely since Ardour 4, which the video is based on. Lastly, I have been unable to find any info on remapping a MIDI keyboard, which is particularly important for me, as the Launchkey family of keyboards have MPC pads on channel 10. It would also be interesting to hear if it is possible to use a product like a MIDI Launchpad, as I am considering purchasing one, to map clips, sounds, etc. to.

OK, I found "a-Fluid Synth, that can play .sf2 soundfonts. On the dialog, I also see 16 channels listed, so it should be possible to have drums on channel 10, but I am still lacking a way to re-map individual MPC pads. I am still wondering how to activate a MIDI keyboard area (keyboard, knobs, MPC pads) to specific instruments, controls, etc.

the mapping of sounds to channels and notes is a property of the soundfont, and not of the player.

Ardour’s workflow is not well designed right now for the typical use of devices like the launchkey and other pads. There are lots of things you can do with it, but likely not quite the thing you want to do.