Complete CD production - and we even got signed with it

Hi everyone,

we are THE ELECTRIC CHURCH, a French Southern Rock and Jam Band, and we produced our last CD using

ARDOUR on a Linux (ubuntu) system
Audacity 1.5 on a Windows system
TASCAM 2488 as a recording interface for multichannel // intakes

As we did not find a reliable and easy working 8 in // recording interface for Win or Linux, we decided to record the drums on a TASCAM 2488 (which CAN handle 8 channels //) and then add tracks one by one later. I work with Ardour, Manu - our other guitar player - works with Win/Audacity. We have swapped files (on USB sticks and CDs) more than a hundred times. I cared for MY (right channel) guitar, bass and voices; Manu worked HIS guitar (left channel) and the keyboards and when we thought “yeah, sounds like a song” we mixed it all down in Ardour and mastered it just a very little bit.

While our way of recording and producing may seem very unusual or even complicated - it was really convenient for us. We could care for “the task at hand”, compare versions and discuss progress wherever we met. We just took a few notes and returned to our little home studios, where we could record all the tracks we wanted AT THE MOMENT WE FELT INSPIRED and NOT at the moment we agreed on last week (!!!). Importing and exporting tracks was pretty easy, once you grew used to it; it comes natural now :o)

OK, how does it sound? There is a Player on our website’s right side - just play the whole CD - you can also listen to our songs on myspace or FREE DOWLOAD the entire album from; here’s the links:

rock n roll!


That’s some pretty chill stuff. Not exactly my style, but I don’t mean that in a bad way. It sounds awesome though, as far as sound quality, stereo separation, all that stuff. Good job!

Thanks :o)

I like a compliment as much as the next guy


This is pretty good! I like the voice, especially. Although I’d prefer a little more drums in the mix…!

thanks. I was shure the mixes are pretty drum-heavy (we even got mentioned for that in a drummer rag), but if you miss them … what speakers have you used to listen to the mix?

We mixed on Behringer 2030A and Canton Studio 30