comping from playlists

After using the basics of Ardour for several years, I have recently begun exploring more of its features. Each new discovery just drives home what a versatile program it is and how much I’ve been missing.
One recent discovery has been the playlist option that can be used to easily record multiple takes while also keeping the track from becoming a confused mess. This has been a real time saver when sorting through takes.
Because I can’t listen to two playlists at once though (maybe I’m just missing something), when I want to comp several takes together, I’ve been creating a new track and dragging regions from each take into the new track. The other option seems to be dragging regions from a playlist into an adjacent track and then dragging them back into a different playlist on the original track. Is there a simpler way to do this? Can regions be moved from one playlist to another without first moving them outside the track? Can multiple playlists be auditioned at the same time? Any suggestions on comping takes from playlists?
I apologize if this has been covered in previous forum posts, but several searches have come up empty. Thanks in advance.

I am also wondering the same thing !! Any help would be appreciated.



I would also be curious what other people think is the best way to comp with Ardour. I’ve never been able to find an easy way to do it.

I tried using playlists, but it was just not working for me. Instead, I recorded all takes onto the same track, and through the context menu brought up by right-clicking on a region, you can bring up a small screen that lets you select the top region. This can be used fairly well to comp. It’s still not the greatest. My ideal would be something similar to Cubase, where you can record all the takes onto one track, and then expand those takes so you can view them each on separate tracks. Then, after you’re done comping, you can collapse them back onto one track and touch up the crossfades.

@beejunk: we’ve already done something quite similar to cubase’s vertically stacked regions in ardour3.

Hurray! Sooooooo, when does this Ardour 3 alpha come out?

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