Compiling tracks

Does anyone here have a better method for comping vocals (or any other recording for that matter) than what I
currently use?

Add first track; record first take as playlist 1.1; record second take as
playlist 1.2; etc.

I will then compare different playlists (takes) and copy/paste the best
sections to a new track. Bounce to a 3rd track.

Any tips to improve efficiency would be appreciated.


what about creating a track per take ? then create a track group called voice, and focus on this track group only (create a single bus which all tracks outputs are connected to).

then you split the different takes into relevant regions in each track and mute / unmute those you want for quick comparison.

When you find the right combo of regions, create a new empty track and redirect the voice bus outputs to it and record.

Thanks thorgal, I think I see the benefit of having separate tracks vs. playlists. I will give that method a try.