compiling fftw3

The instructions for building Ardour from source indicate a need for separate single- and double-precision versions of fftw3. However, in the current Ubuntu release (8.04 Hardy Heron), both versions are merged into one package (libfftw3-3). Is this combined package sufficient, and is there an advantage to using separate packages for each version?

I created two Debian packages (libfftw3 and libfftw3f) so that other Ubuntu wouldn’t need to compile them themselves. Was this a waste of time? Do I need to create libfftw3-dev and libfftw3f-dev as well?

Actually, I shouldn’t call it a waste of time, since I learned how to create Debian packages in the process. With a little more practice, I’d be interested in creating a package for Ardour 2.5, since Ubuntu’s repository only has 2.3 available.

You have to look for and If the Ubuntu package provides both, then it … provides both. Otherwise … it doesn’t.


The Ubuntu libraries work fine as they are, I’ve compiled Ardour 2.4.1 and 2.5 several times in both Hardy and Gutsy with the provided combined fftw3 libs in the Ubuntu repos.