compiling Ardure for Free BSD

Hello, i didn’t find an entry in the forum for my operating system so i posted here, sorry if i shoudn’t, anyway;
I am running Free BSD, at first i used the pkg_add -r ardour and it seemed to work, it did all the tralala but when it finished i was still unable to run ardour, i type ardour and it still says it doesn’t exist.
So i decided to compile the sources from the port tree, i went to the ardour folder in usr/ports/audio/ and typed make, a dialog showed to ask me if i wanted VST support i said hell yeah, then it tried to download the stuff from steinberg’s website (i am aware of the licencing issues), here i guess the link was broken or something, and the installation quits!
Now the problem is that i redo make (with the intention not to require vst support) it doesn’t ask me anymore, it connects to steinberg’s website, finds nothing and aborts, … and i am stuck here without ardour.
I hope someone will take some time to get me out of here.


When you did

# pkg_add -r ardour

ardour is installed on your system.


$ /usr/local/bin/ardour2

to start ardour.