Compiling Ardour3 with VST

Whats the method to configure waf with VST support before compiling? I don’t know the waf syntax.

You don’t. I doubt VST support even works right now in Ardour3, much less is Ardour3 ready for open testing at this time.


It’s nice to see your concern over what you think I should and should not do. However, there’s a difference between “you don’t” and “you can’t”. If I am to infer that you meant the later, not the former and just made a grammer mistake… thats one thing. But, if not, please do tell what the syntax is because I’m not really too concerned at all if it crashes or not because I compiled VST support in.

./waf --help

reveals all. BUT … Ardour 3 has not been declared ready for general testing by anyone except core developers. There is no good reason for anyone not closely involved in its development to be building it at present and we do not provide build or runtime help for it. that means no reporting bugs, no forum postings, no showing up on IRC to ask about issues.

this will change soon, but has not changed yet.

btw, nobody, i repeat, nobody, has built Ardour3 with VST support yet.

As Paul mentioned, noone has bothered testing VST support yet, and in general Ardour 3 is not ready for testing except by the developers.

Unless you are planning on coding the VST support yourself, in which case you should be more aware of how waf works in general to tell the truth, my answer stands at “You Don’t”. This isn’t meant to be an insult, this is meant to be the truth.


Thanks for the help Paul. This is the first program I’ve ever compiled with waf, so yes, I am new to it. Also, VST support seemed to compile in just fine and I’m toying around with it now. Guess I’m the “FIRST ONE EVER TO COMPILE VST SUPPORT IN ARDOUR3”.

@ Seablade : “I DID.”