Compiling Ardour 2.8.3 on (X)ubuntu v8.04 Hardy Heron

Hello everybody!

First I would like to thank Paul very much for sharing Ardour with us.

I am a great fan of Xubuntu 8.04 because of it’s stability concerning audio applications.
If you want to compile the latest Ardour 2.8.3 you now need to have libsndfile1 and libsndfile1-dev v1.0.8, but (X)ubuntu 8.04 only provides us with v1.0.7.

You can get libsndfile 1.0.8 from here:

After installing this, compiling Ardour 2.8.3 works flawlessly as ever and is very stable:
I always test my compilations by simultaneously recording 5 tracks of 24bit/96KHz for a time of 30 minutes on my 2 GHz Celeron notebook - without a single x-run.


Thank you. That’s what I was looking for.

Thanks a lot ! It works fine !!