Compiled Repositories

The post about installing KX Studio repositories was very helpful to this newbie, are there other repos containing compiled plug-ins out there?

AVLinux is another, and I’m sure there are more. Most repos will have some plugins available, especially the older ladspa plugins. Bear in mind that everyone is packaging the same plugins, so I do not think you’ll find many plugins which are not available in kxstudio, except for the small number of commercial plugins, like linuxdsp, and pianoteq which you’d need to purchase directly from the respective companies (though AVLinux comes with demos of these).

Thanks Edward.

KXStudio also has ardour3 and a HUGE library of plugins in repos

kx studio i think pretty much covers it for most plugins that are usefull, though i find it to be a bit bloated.

If you go into plugin manager in ardour and just scroll through you can see how many plugins there actually are, i tried to go through them in an attempt to clean up what i dont use, but there are just too many, I ended up just complelty disregarding any ladspa plugins.

outside of kx studio i dont know of any repos, there are some plugins that can be added but they need to be compiled from source and can get a little bit tricky due to dependancies. And i dont think ive found anything that was any better than whats in the repos,

LinuxDsp probably has some of the best nonfree plugins i have tried yet and his prices just cant be beaten.

If you go over to the kx studio forums you can find out what meta packages to install that will give you all the plugins. There are the ones that i use on a all the time.

EQ10Q - 10 band fully parametric EQ. Very nice looking graphics, can be adjusted by draging the coloured dots on the graph and moving up and down for gain, and mouse wheel for adjusting frequency.

Calf compressor - Excelent compressor, sounds good. Controls feel like they connect with whats going on underneath
Calf Eq - There are 4 or 5 different versions, each one adds an extra band. Very good EQ plugin, nice gui. Has a graph aswell showing eq.
Calf Reverb - Nice reverb with good controls. simple and effective
Calf Delay - very nice delay nice amount of controls but no tap temp
Tal - these are my favourite reverb plugins they can be very bright and zizzly but have high pass and low pass filters and you can always use EQ on the bus for more control of the sound
Tal dub delay - dub style delay

Ive not been able to find a gain or HA (head amp as its called in yamaha digital desks) so i use one of the simple amp plugins that just has gain control.

Theres also a multiband compressor (cant remember what its called) and abigate which should be included in kx studio repos.

OH and there are a selection of synths arswell, fluidsynth (loads soundfonts) x synth, y synth, zynaddsubfx and more. Linux sampler for loading gig sample files.

Plenty to get you up and running.

All you really need is an amp for adjusting input gain when you need it, a few good eq plugins, a few compressors, some reverb, delay, and that gets you the fundamental tools for mixing. then the synths.

Thanks, veda_sticks, for your guidance. I installed the KX plugins and found one, gong simulator, which froze Ardour 3.4 utterly. Is there a white noise generator in there?