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Hello there

Have a offline Laptop and Ardour Programm ready. I want to Compile more Plugins e.g. calf as they widen my horizont in producing. But as my Laptop with focal fossa ist Not and wont bei connected to the Internet, I was wondering If there ist a way to Compile These Plugins a Special way. I would propose to Download tar.gz files with mobile device and find a way to Compile them in terminal later. But how to Compile them? I failed til now and it seems to have sth to do with Not having the right commands installed in my terminal. So how to get the right commands to unfold packages? And then how to Compile the packages?
What do you think? Let me know If you think there is a way.


I would probably suggest not compiling in these cases, but instead using precompiled packages (And personally I suggest avoiding CALF plugins), but the way to do that varies depending on your distribution, so lets start there, what distribution are you using?


Focal Fossa was an Ubuntu release, was it not?
Seems to be Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

I believe on Ubuntu the first step would be:
sudo apt-get install build-essential

That should install gcc and related tools, but there would be several other libraries needed based on the particular plugins chosen. The project page for the plugins should list the dependencies, so if a project had been thorough in keeping the dependency list accurate you could hopefully get apt files for all the needed libraries and copy over to the laptop.
You could of course also compile the binaries on a different machine which is connected to the Internet, which would make getting the dependencies installed much easier.
Or just download the binaries for the plugins, which would avoid having to install a software development toolchain by copying over files through your phone, if I understand the situation correctly.

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