Compile 6.5 version

for various reasons I need to keep a 6.5 version of Ardour on a new computer.

I can’t find any detailed info anywhere about compiling older versions on linux.


is says to execute git with version at the end, but that always download last version (8 right now).

and I can’t find any tarball for 6.5, on git TAGS are just placeholders with a txt with little info.

can anyone point me to some docs?
I’m familiar with compiling, I just can’t find the correct tarball.

thanks in advance!

There is no such tarball. You will need to clone the git repo, then do:

git checkout 6.5

before compiling.

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If you don’t want the entire Ardour repository you can run
git clone --depth 1 --branch 6.5
to just get the 6.5 code

thanks for the quick answer.

I get now an error:

this is what I executed:

git clone git://

cd ardour/

git checkout 6.5

./waf configure --prefix="/home/muzzol/inst/ardour/6.5/compiled" --cxx11 --optimize

and after the error I launched again with -v

./waf -j 4 -v

and got the error I pasted above.

error: argument 2 of ‘__atomic_load’ must not be a pointer to a ‘volatile’ type

The version of glib installed on your system is too new to work with ancient Ardour 6.5.

This specific issue was addressed in Ardour 6.7 (gcc-11 compat, volatile atomic variables (1/2) · Ardour/ardour@cc7b8b1 · GitHub and some more follow-up commits for later glib versions).

Short of downgrading your system, perhaps build Ardour in a VM using a 5 or 6 year old Linux distro.

ok, I understand.

I’ll try to use an older distro.
thanks a lot for your time.

by the way, I’m a donor (I can’t remember the amount, was long time ago) and I also bought MixBus. do you have old ardour versions precompiled around as you do with new ones?

I just need to keep a 6.* version for a very picky client, sorry about the hassle.

I’ll see if I can dig one up… one sec.


I just want to make public the gratitude I gave to Robin and all devs for their amazing work and support.

thanks for everything!


I’m a little bit of a compulsive digital hoarder. I have from November 2020 that I can temporarily upload to Google Drive or something if @x42 can’t dig one up.

thanks a lot Manuel, Robin already sent me the file.

I just tested it and I’ve been able to open the mix without any problems, I can ditch my old computer.

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