Compatibility with RME ADI-2 Pro FS AD/DA Converter


Wondering if anyone here knows if the RME product mentioned above is compatible with Linux audio systems, or has gotten one of the pieces of equipment working with exclusively linux software

well wishes

RME interfaces have the “class compliant mode” which works great under Linux! I have several other (bigger) RME interfaces, so I am sure that the ADI-2 Pro FS works very well too…

But to be honest, on Windows and Mac there are several RME tools that are very handy and it is a pity that they are not available on Linux. Having a Win or Mac computer around is also needed for firmware updates etc…

I stick to RME because I always used their sturdy devices (about 20 years now) and sound quality is great, but Linux unfortunately doesn’t seem to be on top of RME’s list…


As long as it gets the source into workable digital format and then back out that’s all I was looking for!

And that stability, especially in this form, that’s all I was looking for

the rest is the flux of the studio itself lol

well wishes

If you need further info, download the manual from the RME website: you’ll find “Linux” here and there as a side note… But basically everything that applies to “class compliant mode” applies to Linux…

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