Compatibility between different versions


I try to work on a common project with a friend of mine.

He is using ubuntu 14.04, ardour version 5.0.0

I am using Debian 8, ardour version 5.0.5-git

When he creates a session and saves it, I can easily reopen it and save it.

But after that, if he tries to open a session saved by me, he gets errors.

It is surprising that the compatibility is not maintained between minor versions.

Is it documented somewhere?

Should we use the exact same version?

Or are there some version that introduce features that break the compatibility?

Thank you for your answers.

You are using a git/development version of software that is unreleased going by the package name. This is for testing purposes only, not for production work. It also sounds like you are using versions from distribution repositories, which while should work most of the time, is unsupported as they tend to break things in very annoying ways on occasion, so I would first say to try using the download from this site.

There should be compatibility between versions released on this site, minor versions of software should require nothing to open various sessions between them, major versions (A2 to A3, etc.) typically make a backup file before converting. If you try two different minor versions from this site and they can’t open sessions between them, then that is a bug and should be reported.

However at this point you haven’t said exactly what errors were received either. They may have nothing to do with the session files and everything to do with system configuration for instance.


Seablade - he’s actually using a release. We had to repackage Ardour 5 several times on Linux to get the dual ABI (gcc4/gcc5) bundling to work correctly on most systems. 5.0.0 worked for some people, but not all.

@cyberic: as seablade notes, there should be ZERO problems between micro or minor versions, and in general we aim for back compatibility even between major versions.


I knew 5.0.5 was a release, but with the additional -git tag on the end of it, it looks like it is a git snapshot that may or may not equate to 5.0.5, I didn’t think that you did a release that had the postfix of ‘-git’ on it right?


We didn’t retag, so the version ends up as LAST-TAG.COMMITS SINCE TAG-COMMIT-ID …if we had explicitly retagged as 5.0.5 it would show up as 5.0.5 but we are trying not to do that. Not the best release packaging behaviour - we’ll do better next time :slight_smile: