Comparing Rubberband in Ardour to ElastiquePro in Tracktion Waveform

Hi community!

I wanted to compare the “Stretch mode” in Ardour, wich uses the Rubberband library to the “Warp time” in Tracktion Waveform (which uses ElastiquePro) in a common use case.

I recorded 4 DI guitar tracks and aligned them to the grid using these features.
These are my thoughts:

Cheers! :smiley:

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I haven’t watched the video at this point, but there is a plan to start work on making it possible to use Elastique, possibly as early as next week.


It’s rather not about the Elastique (with Rubberband I can get really decent results), but a little rant for the implementation… :smiley:

Full cover here:

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OK, having watched the video … Ardour’s existing timefx mode is not intended to serve the purpose that warp markers do.

We have separate plans for how to do the job done with warp markers, though I can’t say when they might happen.

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How does the licensing work for this?

We don’t know yet.

But we do know that another closed source DAW available in native form for Linux distributes Elastique as part of its download package :slight_smile:

Hi Paul,

Just dropping by to express how exciting it is that warp markers are on the horizon (and the option for elastique audio would be a great asset). I’ve had my eye on Ardour for quite some time, but warping is a feature I use a lot in Ableton and Reaper for both pragmatic and purely creative uses. That and more advanced scripting capabilities would, in my opinion, make ardour more accessible to a wider public (I agree with what felt like the consensus of the now locked discussion on whether open source is a diversion from what users want that the scripting language should provide a means of personnalisation, like a .bashrc file, rather than core functionality, so that users don’t have to essentially manage their own fork, merging their own changes with the main ardour project every time there’s an update. Scripting files just seem like a more portable and accessible way to augment).

I also want to thank you for all the communication that you’ve been doing recently. I came across your audio developer chats and it’s been fascinating to get a peek into your mind and see what an inquisitive, thoughtful person you are.

Looking forward to following the project and getting involved in the future. Thanks for all your effort on this over the years!


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Hi Skygge,

Thanks for sharing. I don’t hear much of a difference between the two, but just out of curiosity, which was A and which was B?


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A: Tracktion Waveform
B: Ardour

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