Compare Plugin or Function with other Superstars at Mastering in Ardour (Linux Mint 21)

Hello, i would like to have a plugin, where i can put e.g. in the master track. In this plugin i can e.g. load 12 tracks from Superstars, like Michael Jackson, David Guetta, Bon Jovi…to compare my Mix with this mixes.

A/B Comparing: A is my mix rinnung, and if switch to B, i hear one of the 12 tracks. Level of A and B is adjustable. For my comparing files the best would be, i can set from every track start and end point - so i can compare the refrain of on the track with mine or whatever. All in a configuration file, that i can make different settings.

I have such a plugin with windows vst, but i want to switch to linux 100% and make all in the future with Ardour.

If someone know a plugin unter linux, please let me know.
Greetings, Stefan

I don’t know of a linux plugin. It is possible to run windows vst on linux using yabridge. Your favorite plugin may very well still run with that.

Maybe I do not fully understand what you are doing, but for this purpose I would create a mastering template for Ardour with 1 master track and some tracks for the reference tracks.
The reference tracks would be muted initially and by soloing them I could easily compare them to my track to be mastered.

This template would also contain all the plugins I need for mastering.

BTW, there is a YT video of a guy out there who does mastering with Ardour and Calf plugins.

@Zelv - Thanks, i tried it out, but the installation of the Win plugin failed - apart from this - i want only work with linux plugins because of performance and to support the development

@peter.zenk - Yeah i saw right now, i can a track direct route to the output of a soundcard. Great. So my compare tracks are not running through Master Plugins.

Btw: Is it possible by running Ardour a another mp3 player let to play (e.g. audacious)? At the moment if i start Ardour, no other can access to this soundcard. Neither the Firefox are not able to play youtube videos. I use ALSA under Linux Mint 21

But to the @developer:
Maybe you find a better solution for comparing tracks in the mastering process.

Just as an n=1, I’m running on AVLinux, Ardour is using Jack, Audacity is (from what the config says) using ALSA, and both are playing (and audible :slight_smile: ) at the same time.

Man, I need to compensate Glen :slight_smile:

Hmmm…under Mint 21 Jack is not running on my devices. I had used Qjackctl, but i’m not shure how to configurate right. Ardour brings always an error…

You need to use the JACK backend if you want ardour to coexist with other software. It is possible to configure a bridge to pulseaudio so that pulseaudio applications can still be used with JACK. I found that the simplest way to configure your system like that is to use Studio Controls.

Thanks for your answer - i have in my studio a Soundcraft UI12 and i go in the mixer with my external usb interface for Ardour and in 2 other channels my internal soundcard from my desktop. And all is fine.

QJack did not runnung - I can’t find a tutorial where the actual GUI to setup in Mint 21 and i want not more wasting time.

But: A plugin for comparing tracks would be nice. I used Sample Magic AB on Cubase and Win10

Adapr Audio Metric AB from Plugin Alliance is pretty neat ! Gives tons of good info while doing A/B comparison.
Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to install it under Wine yet :sob: :sob:

Under windows there are several of these plugins. With my topic i hope, we get in the future also a function like this - best would be for me, if Ardour would be able to manage this self - e.g. in the monitor section.

I made it now. Imported 5 mp3 as compare. Normal they muted.

Question: If i want solo 1 track, i have first unmute and after that works the solo function. Is there a way to switch directly from mute to solo?

In the Preferences dialog, in the Monitoring section you can tell Ardour to let Solo override Mute, this way you don’t have to un-mute your track.


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