compare mixes with snapshot


We like to try another mix, with more ears, for a session, and after reading the snapshot page on the site, am not sure and like to ask before breaking the actual mix (!):

  • when you create a snapshot, do you save in it EVERYTHING except audio files ?

  • if you change automation, EQs, FX, levels… and press “Ctrl+S” does it save the settings only in the active snapshot ?

  • Say you have a session and save it, then create a snapshot, make many changes, save the session, create another snapshot, save the session. Now could you switch behind snaphots to compare ?

Thanks in advance !

Snapshots are effectively complete Ardour Session Files. So you could open a snapshot instead of the session, and almost nothing carries over between the two. You can easily switch between them on the right hand sidebar, but it will be the same as closing and opening a new session in as far as time.


The snapshots are pretty handy. i used it for a long recording (live multitrack of a band) so i could set up mixes for each song.

@veda_sticks Thanks for that valuable input. Been struggling with best common mix for my long recordings but will try the snapshot approach. I think the snapshot name is confusing (coming from the storage/datacenter world) where snapshots are point in between two states that are dependant on each other… eg. A----------Snap1-----Snap2-----Snap3-----B
In the datacenter world one use snapshots to be able to revert back to a known working state.

I would rather see them as forks that are independent and use a different naming.

ahellquist: they are dependent … on the shared session data. they are intended to be able to revert to a known working state.


I will mention that depending on terminology between datacenters to get you around in the world of audio in general is probably not a good idea. In this case snapshot creates a ‘snapshot’ of all settings of your mix at any given point, which you can then edit. This is similar to, but not the same as, what is often called a scene. However even what consitutes a scene is a topic in itself.