Comment/Notes (within Ardour) request

I see a few items in mantis related to comments and track notes, and I just want to bounce some ideas off people here before I clarify my request in mantis.

  1. I guess “session metadata” would be the place for session-wide notes?

  2. How about adding a “comments” text-area to markers, which you could view/edit, for example, when you do the name edit (for example)?

  3. I’m proposing a page which would display the setup of the session. To make this as painless as possible, I would recommend creating a page hosted at where you would upload your ardour.xml file, and it would parse it out and show you purdy pictures. As a javascript/jquery page, it wouldn’t impact the actual app development (much). You could then export that page as a pdf for clients or history. I’m working on a basic prototype, but then the community could develop it, and it would grow over time to incorporate all the stuff in the session file. I’d only be starting with, say, listing the Sources and their attributes, Locations, etc. Seems like an easy win to me. I’m sure there’s some guys here who are wizards with an IDE (I’m a vim guy til I die).


For (2) (Mark comments), something like this:

500 character limit? And saves it in the Location tag in the ardour file:

<Location id="224450" name="mark3" start="a43918801920" end="a43918801920" flags="IsMark" locked="0" timestamp="1682701086" text="Things really went pear-shaped here!" cue="0"/>

Let me see what I can work up for an example for (3)… I haven’t done this stuff in several years, and not hoping to do it now :slight_smile:

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