Command line tips

Hello, I just finished a demo recording and now Ardour doesn’t launch any more. A bit earlier the 1010LT started to act weird; outs 1&2 played distorted and I was getting huge amounts of xruns.
I can get Ardour running when plugins disabled but I get no sound.
Yes, I’m using Jack, my distro is AV Linux 2016 64bit, Ardour 5.6 and 5.8 both did the same.
So, long story short: What command line tools I should use to find out if this is HW problem or software?

Thanks anyway, maybe not Ardour related at all.

The first tip is to start ardour from the command line and post the errors.
The second is to check your Jack connections and the third would be to shut down your computer and remove the power chord for 30 seconds. Sometimes the capacitors act up and “hijack” the hardware in mysterious ways.

Also, it’s easier to get help quick if you join the Ardour IRC :

Thanks, just how to launch Ardour from the console?

Ok, I`m fine now. Problem solved but I wonder how the mismatch happened.
Btw: Thanks for new Ardour!