Comfort and Joy. Made with Ardour and other open source software on Ubuntu

I’m from Nigeria and I’ve been an open source user and enthusiast since 2014. Ardour is an excellent piece of software and I’ve been out to prove that work can be done on open source (using whatever skill level I have for now ofcourse, it gets better). This was produced in December using Ardour, Hydrogen, Calf Plugins (some mixing and all of mastering), Invada Early Reflection Reverb, Musescore, Noize Mkr synth, Linux Sampler (with maestro concert grand), ZynAddSubFX, Dragonfly Room Reverb (tip from unfa) and some others. Soundcloud link:


Excellent production! Nice and punchy! I like that the glad tidings are funky!

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This one put a big smile on my face. Fantastic instrumentation, vocals, and use of plugins for great effect.

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Very, very good! Well balanced mix, good taste in the arrangement and a beautiful voice. Congrats from Brazil :slight_smile:

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Beautifully orchestrated! The violin in the beginning sounds a little to “90s-game-console”-like but other than that have i no complaints. Really good!

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Wow! Thank you!!! And yes, funky is very fitting!!

Man!!! Thank you so much.:slight_smile: I really appreciate that feedback. Yes the plugins seemed to just be lying in wait to work the ideas. Thankful!

Thank you Ric!! We’re ringing the open source bells, we’re making that open source noise. I was greatly encouraged to go ahead when I heard other stuff done with open source. Like yours… Thank you all.

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:slight_smile:Okay okay!! Awesome feedback. Thank you.

Tone wise? Or just the arrangement?

I think I got the sort of sound I wanted from them. Those are the cello and viola sounds from one Timbres of Heaven soundfont I use in Musescore. Best sounding ones I have for now. Still searching for more.

:grinning:merci pour le partage!

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Really nice. It sounds great…

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Cool sound here !
Thank you for sharing.

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Merci de votre attention☺…

I don’t speak French, Google says that’s what I mean to say😁

Thank you. Thanks for the comment!!

Glad you like it. Thanks for listening.

thank for share!
i realy like

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:smiley: Je suis tres contente

Absolutely professional producion through and through, enjoyed it very much, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Awesome. Thanks for listening and commenting!!:smiley:

Amazing!!! Congratulations from Chile. Really good mix and arrangement! :smiley:

I also recommend VSCO2 rompler for the string sounds, if you don’t know it yet!

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