Combining Jack and Ardour

I would like to make songs with a AKAI MPK mini keyboard and a BIRD UM1 (USB micro) . To do that I’ve installed Ardour 5.12.0. I’ve already managed to connect the keyboard but when I try to connect the microphone using jackd I can’t start Ardour and I get this error :
23:32:37.445 Changement du graphique des connexions JACK.

Sat Sep 14 23:32:37 2019: New client ‘ardour’ with PID 9059

23:32:42.749 Changement du graphique des connexions JACK.

Sat Sep 14 23:32:42 2019: Client ‘ardour’ with PID 9059 is out

Can you help me please ?

Just a guess that you have set jack’s input to your mic and jacks output to your internal audio… That will not work. Jack needs to use the same device for input and output. I am assuming you are using qjackctl to set up jack. If this is the case in qjackctl, go to the advanced tab and set both Output Device and Input Device to (default). (I know this sound wrong) Then go back to the Parameters tab and set Interface to hw:PCH (probably). set you sample rate to 48000 or 44100. Set your frames/period to 1024. Now see if jack will start. It may not if it is still confused. Start jack with these new setting. Use the status window from qjackctl to make sure the server is active.
Then open a terminal and type:
alsa_in -j usb-mic -d hw:UM1 &
switch out the UM1 for whatever your usb mic is actually called of course/

Thanks for answering.
I’m actually using qjackctl. I’ve changed the parameters and typed the command in the terminal. Here’s what I got :
louis@louis-UX410UAK:~alsa_in -j usb-mic -d hw:UM1
Cannot lock down 82280346 byte memory area (Cannot allocate memory)
WARNING: chennel count does not match (requested 2 got 1)
selected sample format: 16bit
Cannot use real-time scheduling (RR/5)(1: Operation not permitted)
JackClient::AcquireSelfRealTime error
delay = 3565
delay = 1007

This is likely your problem, I assume you have not gotten Jack to run successfully in any configuration yet then?


I’ve already searched for this solution. I’ve modified the file but I don’t know what a group is …

ok problem solved. I needed to restart my OS. Thanks for your help

For the record a complete restart is probably not needed, logging out and back in should work for most people as well.

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