Combing Midi Sections

Hey everyone! Sorry if this has been addressed here before or if this problem seems rather benign but Im having troube combing seperate midi sections of 4 bars each into one continuous section. Ive been having some fun with the midi functions in ardour 6 and watched a tutorial by unfa where the sections were combined by highlighting w/ right click then selecting “consolidate regions” from what I remember

However when I right click the “consolidate regions” isn’t showing up. I feel like im overlooking some very simple here

Thank you!

It has been addressed many times.

You cannot combine MIDI regions. Unlike audio regions, MIDI regions have data inside of them that can be edited. Doing this for combined regions is so technically challenging that we will never implement it.

You can, however, consolidate a range selection, which will create a new MIDI file on disk containing all the data from the range, and then replaces the regions in the range with a new one based on the new file. This is functionally extremely close to what “Combine” does (Combine is just clever enough to do this for audio without writing data to a new file on disk).


Thank you! Very much appreciate your response!

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