Combine regions is not affected by crossfades

If two regions that overlap with a crossfade are combined (right-click->selected regions->edit->combine) the resulting region is not affected by the crossfade. Both regions are played in full volume even in the overlaping area. Is it bug or intended behaviour? I use Ardour 3.5.403 in Ubuntu 14.04.

I was experimenting little bit more. Now I can see that sometimes the combined region is affected by the crossfade. I cant figure out the key to determine if include the crossfade or not. It seems random for mee.

I made sceenshots what exactly I do:

than right-click->selected regions->edit->combine results in

I supposed that the portion of the first region after the crossfade should be attenuated in the combined region.

bug reports go to (with pictures), please.

I was just wandering whether it is a misnunderstanding from my side. Now it is reported.