Color theme saving

I tried to save my custom color scheme but couldn’t.Did I failed to see where it is or is there any way of doing this ?

Unless it changed on the last release, saving your custom color scheme overrides the color scheme that you modified.
It is possible to add a new theme by creating a file your_theme-ardour.colors in /opt/Ardour-x.x.x/share/themes/ or wherever Ardour is installed. (could be in ~/.config/ I guess)
So you can find which theme you modified: it will appear under the name my-theme_name-ardour.colors, just rename this into your own theme name and it should now appear in ardour’s themes list, while original theme will be reset to default.

By default it uses the user config directory to store the modified theme. In order to add a new theme you must copy the modified theme into a “themes” folder under the user config directory (or the system themes directory). You will also need to add theme-name=“yourthemename” to the Ardour element in the xml at the top of the file as a property and use the same naming scheme for the files @Zelv described.

Thank you all for your replies ,but I am using Ardour on Windows 7 atm.My main DAW is Cubase 11 Pro on win 10, but I did installed ardour on an old laptop t7300 3gb ram and I’ve got to say I’m very pleased with Ardour development throught the years.
I briefly checked ardour folders on windows ,but had no luck…

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