Collections of presets in the plugin-sidebar

I would love to have the possibility to create directorys of presets that i made in the plugin-sidebar.
Right now i find it inconvenient having to search through a list of all my plugins and then going to find my preset between the ones that came with the plugin. I almost never use the plugin-sidebar but i certainly would if it would be quicker to acces my favourite pluginpresets.

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Can you elaborate? Presets are already available from the favorite plugins sidebar.
And you can drag/drop them to create a new plugin instance with the given preset.

e.g. here “cutbass” for the EQ:


I think what @erojahn means is that (similarly to other programs of this type) it would be nice if there was a window, probably Editor List, where you could search for plugins and presets (all, not only favourites) and d’n’d them into a track mixer strip… Or maybe into a track directly or even empty space in the editor window so a new track would be created with the dropped plugin and maybe even with chosen plugin preset. :slight_smile: Am I wrong?

I am meaning to be able to create a directory, in which only selected presets get pasted. Resulting in a list of only the chosen presets.
If i am currently looking for lets say, a preset of mine for the Ardour compressor I have to look through the presets which come allready with ardour to find mine.(Its not that many, i know)
I would like to have an option to only see a selection(which i previously made) of compressorpresets.
Much like making playlist in most music players.

Also maybe it would be helpfull to make boxes for the plugins and presets and maybe also color them differently depending on the level of hierarchy in the directory. But i dont know if that makes a lot of sense for the userinterface.

Not exactly what i meant @skygge. But i guess it would be good to have that search option also. Even though it exists allready in the pluginmanager popup.

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I like your idea! To expand on it, I could see this as being a speedy Ardour alternative to having what is called ‘containers’ in other DAW’s. You could have a ‘Lead Guitar’ preset folder with a few plug ins that are loaded for your preferred ‘Lead Guitar’ settings. All of those plug-ins with the preselected presets are loaded and added to a track. You could drag the whole ‘Lead Guitar’ folder, or just drop down on ‘Lead Guitar’ and select a specific plugin with preset. It would fit my workflow and seems more flexible than templates.


Loading groups of plugins was not my idea, but would like that too! It was just about organising the access to groups of presets. Yet i would prefer to get a containerish solution for loading plugingroups which would copy the routing of the plugins.

I would also be very happy about plugin containers.

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