"Collaboration" with Dalí

…or so I’d like to think.
But isn’t it an amazing coincidence that a song I wrote thinking about Dalí and his wonderful house in Cadaqués (and recorded and mixed with Ardour), fits perfectly with a Dalí-Disney short movie that I had no idea it existed?
Well, here it is in case you want to check it out:


Yes it really fits the movie, cool arrangement btw, sonically if I may I feel I miss a little low end in the mix, but overall nice work, thanks for sharing.

Could well be, it’s still un-mastered and there they will add as low end as necessary. I prefer to be on the caution side with low end as my listening position is limited in terms of mixing low end.

Thank you for your comment and I’m glad you liked the arrangement. Cheers!

From where I am,it is outstanding , the video is great ,and your artistic choices are yours, but they do stand by themselves.
What is this video? it is, well, great!!!
Really cool time spent looking and listening this stuff.
Edit: And I am glad not to be completly mad due to quarantine … You are the guy from Travis Birds who posted “Coyotes” , I was, and still is fan of the work done on this song… And still waiting for hearing you on stage, though, due to the situation , I have to be really patient…
But I am confident in the fact that music will be played again with real audience etc… And hope that in theese future days it will be possible to hear and see you !

Thank you, Oliv.
“Destino” is a cartoon project started by Salvador Dali and Walt Disney in the 40’s. War made the project go to a halt, but it was finished early 2000s. You can google that, there’s a documentary about it, pretty interesting.

I’m in the process of remixing the whole Sleeping Philosophers to finish the project (there was a LOT of room to improvement in those mixes) and I wanted to link the songs to certain videos to set the emotional tone and amount of “fantasy”, or humor, or whatever emotion that was in my head but it’s not evident, and that absolutely changes the perception of the music.
How important is a “strong” and well-developed character to present the music and “allow” it to be as it is!

Anyway. This particular song I wrote when I was reading one of Harari’s books, and that sense of irreality made me go back to a visit I made to Dali’s house years before and I put those feelings about reality and madness in the person of Dali painting the sea from his house.
Not long ago, when remixing it, I found about this cartoon movie, and I used it with the song, to see how it fit, since Dali was in the lyrics. It was really amazing the first time I saw the synchronization, exactly the same length and the general rhythm and “feeling” and even the lyrics almost to the letter fitted exactly (at least from my point of view). And then it ends with the word “Destino”. That first time really gave me goosebumps.

Of course I understand that our brain is very good at “making things out of clouds”, our great human pattern recognition, but anyway, I love those “aesthetic coincidences” very much.