Coldplay Clocks cover

Hi Ardour fans,

sharing another cover video.

Unlike the ones I shared before, this one has been mixed by our guitarist who uses LogicPro (nobody’s perfect :wink: ) but I recorded the vocals, bass, MIDI drums with Ardour and provided the stems.
I used Hydrogen to create the drums and fed the MIDI to Ardour.
Bass is recorded D.I. and vocals using an Aston Origin microphone; both through an Audient iD4 interface.


Nice cover! Seems like Ardour did the job well for you.

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Great work on the whole production! Punchy mix, excellent vocals and harmonies, you can hear the nice clarity of the Origin mic we spoke of before :+1: Great editing on the Video too!

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cool song! i like the clear voice!

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Thank you all for watching and taking the time to give some feedback !

Good song and cool sound.
Thanks for sharing.

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